Czech-Chinese Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Stop at a well-known address

Czech-Chinese Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Stop at a well-known address
photo: TCMW/Czech-Chinese Joint chamber
flag 24 / 11 / 2020

There are a number of business, economic and cultural institutions in the Czech Republic that support relations between the Czech and Chinese People's Republics. The complex international or health situation has changed the situation so far on a number of points. However, it is always beneficial to see the benefits and opportunities before the problems.

The Czech-Chinese Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to supporting relations and activities in many areas. Its members and partners are both Chinese and Czech companies or individuals. We talked about the situation and plans with a new Member of the Board, JUDr. Michal Pospíšil, Ph.D.







捷克-中国工商联合会是致力于支持许多领域的关系和活动的最古老的机构之一。它的成员和合作伙伴都是中国和捷克的公司或个人。我们与新的董事会成员,董事会主席JUDr讨论了情况和计划。 MichalPospíšil博士

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How do you see the current activity of your chamber when you look back over the past years and stop today, at a time when everything was stopped by a lockdown?

The history of our chamber society is almost exceptional. We are the oldest of those who operate in the Czech Republic today. From the beginning, our members include prominent diplomats, businessmen, politicians and other experts. If we have collective members, companies and trading companies, they are always represented by important personalities. Of course, this applies to both parties, Czech and Chinese, and I think we are rightly proud of that.






How do you think activities or intentions will change in the future?

We are not talking about a distant future. Like everyone else in the world, we had to adapt to the constraints that caused the pandemic. Our intentions do not change, only the tools, methods and ways of communication. Until recently belonged to our main activities congresses, business meetings, exchange of services and cooperation. Mostly we preferred personal meetings, congresses, partnership meetings. Today, like our partners, we are moving to the online space. But I must say that this move seems to me to be much more effective in the future. Eliminates travel costs, shorten the time to act is that is can be more efficient and will bring faster results. It's just that a new era has come sooner than we expected. The focus of our expert commissions is diverse, so we follow developments in industry, trade, finance, transport, medicine and other areas in which we can offer our partners cooperation and assistance, especially in the development of their activities in Europe.






Is TCM one of your areas of interest?

I must say that it is not primary, we have really big companies with global operations among the main members and partners. But we watch TCM, supported by China in space and Belt Road, tries to spread in neighboring countries. It has great potential in the trade and distribution of herbal products, and the pharmaceutical industry in general. If not only marketing, trade legislation, customs simplification and import can be unified, this commodity will certainly occupy the highest ranks of interest of global giants. But we also use TCM in person, many of our friends take advantage of the fact that our contacts are a guarantee of the high professionalism of doctors from China, which we would like to welcome in higher numbers. Doctors from Shanghai, for example, already provide assistance to our managers and their families, including Chinese workers in Europe. That is why we have decided to support the establishment of such a necessary organization as EUROCENTER TCM currently is and will be in Prague.




我必须说这不是主要的,我们的主要成员和合作伙伴中确实有一些具有全球业务的大公司。但是我们看到,在中国在太空和“一带一路”的支持下,中药试图在邻国传播。在草药产品的贸易和分销以及整个制药行业中,它具有巨大的潜力。如果不仅可以统一市场营销,贸易法规,简化海关和进口,这种商品肯定会占据全球巨头的最高利益。但是我们也亲自使用中医,我们的许多朋友都充分利用了以下事实:我们的联系方式是中国医生高度专业化的保证,我们也欢迎更多的人来此。例如,来自上海的医生已经为我们的经理及其家人提供了帮助,包括在欧洲的中国工人。因此,我们决定支持建立像现在和将来在布拉格的EUROCENTER TCM这样的必要组织。



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