Dr. Igor Mićunović: TCM in Republica Montenegro? Bright Future

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Dr. Igor Mićunović: TCM in Republica Montenegro? Bright Future
photo: igormicunovic.com/Dr. Igor Micunovic
flag 08 / 03 / 2021

In European countries, especially in West Europe, is TCM rather out of state health care system. Due to preferences of Western medicine, based on evidence, is development of TCM, products and medical care, complicated.

There are countries in CEE, which could be a good example of global cooperation. It does not concern to local conditions only. It is better to have good cooperation between Chinese professional experts, and not in medical only. To support education and local project from abroad is really necessary. In Montenegro has been expecting bright future of TCM Dr. Igor Micunovic, doctor and member of WFCMS:

You are member of international organizations of TCM, educated medical doctor. What do you mean is necessary for next development of TCM in Europe?

In my opinion there are several steps to make in order to further improve and develop TCM in Europe and elsewhere. Firstly, it is essential to implement already existing standards of basic level of education of TCM and acupuncture approved by WFCMS – World federation of traditional Chinese medicine. Secondly, it is necessary to implement TCM education and clinical practice in state hospitals and state medical colleges. And finally, it has to be formed and implement national register of clinically proved TCM methods and properly educated doctors/practitioners of TCM and acupuncture in each EU/EEA member state.

Where did you study TCM?

I won national (Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro) and P.R China government scholarships and fellowships run by CSC - Chinese scholarship council for bachelor, Ph.D and post-doctoral degree studies at Tianjin university of traditional Chinese medicine. I spent about 13 years of living and studying TCM and acupuncture in China mastering ancient and profound art of healing.

Are you in contact with ETCMA, or other European organization of TCM doctors?

I am current president of AAM - Association of Acupuncturists of Montenegro. Besides informal communications with several national European TCM organization, we still don’t have institutional agreement with any European TCM organization.

In contrary to European fellow organizations, AAM - Association of Acupuncturists of Montenegro is a full member of WFAS - World federation of acupuncture-moxibustion societies run by Chinese government. AAM has several bilateral agreements with similar organizations. I am particularly proud for memorandum of collaboration between Tianjin university of traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncturists Association of Montenegro.

Personally, I am full member of WFCMS – World Federation of Chinese medicine societies also run by P.R. China government health department authorities. I take part in this particular organization as Education committee member.

What about conditions for TCM care in your country?

 Acupuncture has very long history of education and practice in Montenegro. Since 1958 acupuncture is used in state hospitals in Montenegro. Particularly acupuncture hub center was in Institute for rehabilitation doctor Simo Milošević in Igalo. Problems with TCM education started during 90's when Yugoslavia collapsed, and state hospitals during sanctions, neighbors civilian wars and socioeconomic catastrophe lost many doctors due to emigration and state corruption, and newly given NGO jurisdiction over acupuncture education jeopardize acupuncture position in Montenegro. However, when Montenegro became independent in 2006, things started to change for better.

Since 2015 acupuncture and TCM is covered by law and can be performed in registered health centers. Ministry of health of Montenegro has a list of registered acupuncture and TCM practitioners.

 In 2014 is opened first registered TCM hospitals in Montenegro run by private investment from P.R. China. In 2016 Montenegro has got a grant from Belt and Road initiative for growing TCM herbs in Montenegro. In the mid 2017 is opened first National research center for TCM herbs in Montenegro run by our Chinese colleagues with collaboration of Embassy of P.R. China in Montenegro.

Newest addition to TCM practice in Montenegro is freshly opening of Chenot Espace (medical center) – who is Chinese medicine and wellness leader, situated in first ultra luxury hotel in Europe - One & Only Porto Novi.

In my opinion TCM has gain wide popularity and recognition in Montenegro and has bright future.

Is acupuncture or TCM covered by health care insurance in Montenegro?

Acupuncture and TCM are covered by health insurance in Montenegro since 2015, and included in health legislation law as part of CAT – complementary – alternative and traditional medicine. At the moment acupuncture and TCM therapies are only covered by private insurance companies.

Is it possible to study TCM in your country?

In Montenegro it is possible to attend officially acupuncture courses run by Ministry of health for chosen physicians who satisfy Ministry of health conditions, or who won national scholarships. It is free of charge and organized in collaboration with Embassy of P.R. China, and in most cases program is led by Chinese doctors of TCM. Clinical practice is usually done in P.R China chosen TCM university and hospital.  Acupuncturists Association of Montenegro offers various courses of acupuncture and tuina. Physiotherapist chamber of Montenegro also provides various short courses in dry needling.

We hope that very first University of TCM will be opened soon in Montenegro. Covid-19 halted negotiations between Montenegro and China about opening very first P.R China found and state financed TCM University in South – East Europe in city of Herceg Novi.

Could we find some kind of TCM education at University?

TCM university education in Yugoslavia existed since 1988 when is opened two semesters acupuncture analgesia /anesthesia subject master degree course provided by Medical university in Belgrade at clinical base at Military academy hospital in Belgrade.  Due to close relationships between Montenegro and Serbia‘s medical universities, many doctors anesthesiologists from Montenegro successfully finished such course.

In Montenegro many informative courses are offered by Confucius Institute.  Confucius Institute situated at University of Montenegro invites TCM expert, professors and doctors, and offers informative lectures about TCM.

Is it possible to use acupuncture at state hospitals offically?

Acupuncture is used officially in state hospitals in Montenegro. In particular acupuncture is used in bigger medical centers such as Clinical medical center of Montenegro in Podgorica, and Institute for rehabilitation doctor Simo Milošević in Igalo.


Dr Igor Mićunović

President of Acupuncturists Association of Montenegro

Medical director at Acupuncture & Tuina Center

Energy doctor at Chenot Espace One & Only Porto Novi



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