Guosheng SHANG, TONG REN TANG: I spent a nice time in Czech Republic

Guosheng SHANG, TONG REN TANG: I spent a nice time in Czech Republic
photo: Archiv redakce/Mr. Guosheng Shang, TRT
flag 20 / 11 / 2020

Mr. Guosheng SHANG is VIP Manager of Tong Ren Tang in Hong Kong, now. A few years ago, he led important misson of TCM in Czech Republic. The branch of Tong Ren Tang was the first “authentic and original” pharmacy and treating center in Central and European countries.

You spent a lot of years in Europe, at first in Czech Republic. What is the strongest memory for you?


European people’s persistent pursuit of health and Czech people’s better understanding of Chinese medicine impressed me a lot. Quite a number of local people have been trying to find the new health concept including herbal medicine and natural therapy. Some of them know much more about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) than I expected. What impressed me most were the surprise and gratitude shown by some customers whose illness and suffering had been cured or alleviated with our products and services. This is something which makes  my colleagues and I feel gratified and proud, and this is something which I will never forget.


Tong Ren Tang is one of the biggest companies of all over the world, in production and business of herbs. What about potential of development for the future?


Tong Ren Tang (TRT) is the most famous herbal manufacturer in China and is also one of the biggest herbal manufactures in the world. More importantly, TRT’s products have been proved very effective and are therefore very popular among the customers especially Chinese customers. However, to be frank, due to some reasons TCM have not yet been spread so well in western market, and as a result, TRT’s products still have great potential in western market. 


Your Mr. President Xi says, TCM development overseas is one of the most important priorities not only in Bet and Road project, but anywhere. What do you think is needed for the development of TCM?


Like western medicine, Chinese medicine is also the precious wealth of all mankind. TCM should be further developed and innovation is thus needed. All the TCM practitioners need to further promote the development of TCM, trying to make it better adapt to the western market needs and thus bringing more benefits to local people. On the other hand, people should be more open and inclusive to embrace other effective health solutions.


There are nearly 30 countries in Europe opened for TCM marketing at present. Is it possible to offer them unique marketing communication?


We are glad to see there are nearly 30 European countries opened for TCM marketing, however different countries have different circumstances. Local people certainly know the market better and have their own good marketing skill. Of course we will be more than happy to offer the necessary help as more as we can, particularly in terms of related TCM expertise.


Does TRT Company prepare some products, useful for prevention of COVID-19?


As you may aware, TRT company has pushed out some herbal medicine formula aiming at prevention of COVID-19 around the globe.  What’s more, several of its ready-made herbal products have been proved to be helpful in curbing the virus, as disclosed by China’s Ministry of Health. Since the breakout of the pandemic, many scientist and health workers around the globe have been working day and night to seek the most effective solutions. Chinese medicine and western medicine are both powerful strength in fighting against with COVID-19,and hopefully the common enemy of all the nations will be defeated very soon.


What kind of help could TRT Company offer to partners for instance in Czech Republic? Promotion prizes, support of marketing, experts, education?


TRT Company welcomes bilateral communication and cooperation among TCM practitioners from both sides, and it may consider offering some training on Chinese medicine as well as TRT’s products under preferential policy. TRT is open to discussing other possible cooperation with partners in Czech Republic. We sincerely hope that the pandemic can early disappear and the whole world can come back to normal life and at that time we can join hands to promote possible cooperation.


Does TRT Company make any type of sponsoring or other way of support TCM promotion in Czech, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and other European countries?



TRT Company has ever sponsored some activities in Czech, Netherland and Poland such as lectures on TCM, workshop, Baduanjin performance, charity clinics, etc. During the past months, due to the world-wide epidemic, all the related gathering activities have to be halted. We hope in the near future the epidemic can be defeated and as a result our normal life can be resumed and we can find new ways to support TCM promotion especially in European countries.

Would you like to present branches of TRT in Europe here, in our magazine in the future?


Sure. This magazine is a very good try to spread TCM and new health concept and I’ll be glad to introduce in the future, at this platform, TRT branches in Europe. Taking this opportunity, I will join you all to sincerely wish this magazine great success.




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