Mr. Cheng Liu, Chairman of NFCG : I have been feeling an aroma of TCM herbs since my five. But I feel the future even more

Mr. Cheng Liu, Chairman of NFCG : I have been feeling an aroma of TCM herbs since my five. But I feel the future even more
photo: Cheng Liu, Acufit, Nederland
flag 24 / 11 / 2020

Western part of Europe has a little big longer and deeper tradition, it means better position of TCM, in system of healthcare. How it could work in future? How to make business, new projects, cooperation all over the world? In Netherlands we contacted for answers our important partner, Chief of ACUFIT PRO Company, Arnhem, Netherland, VIP Manager of TCM business, actually Chairman of the Dutch Federation Chinese Medicine Foundation, Mr. Cheng Liu:

What about your personal story - when and where you met TCM? We heard, your father has been TCM Doctor treating not only many people, but members of „high society“, within Queen, too…?

My father is a TCM doctor in China. My father taught me how to use TCM herbal medicine for external use since I was five. I can still remember the aroma of the TCM herbal medicine. My father was the first Chinese TCM doctor in The Netherland. In the 80’s he had treated a lot of the members from the Dutch parliament.

Is it for you only business now?

My business is solely based on TCM in The Netherland. Recently we are going international.

What about your cooperation with Chinese partners? Who are the most important?

We have a lot of cooperation with Chinese partners. Our cooperation with many of the TCM universities, Chinese health departments, International TCM associations and TCM pharmaceutical industries.

What about situation od TCM in Holland - is it official part of healthcare system?

TCM is not an official healthcare in The Netherland, but a complementary healthcare. However, TCM acupuncture is recognized by all local insurance companies.

Do you have possibilities of official accredited education for medical doctors or practitioners?

Yes, we have official accredited education for the western medical doctors and for the practitioners.

Do you offer original herbs product? From where?

Yes, from Chinese pharmaceutical TCM industries.

Is it possible to use public insurance for TCM treating?

Yes, at this moment, acupuncture treatment is covered by all the insurance companies. Tuina, herb consult, qingong and taichi is covered by a few insurance companies.

Could Medicine doctors in hospitals to use TCM regularly? 

No, not in the local Dutch hospital.

There is big minority of Chinese people, living in Netherlands. Are they the most important number of clients?

No, our clients are 90% Dutch local people.

How many Chinese doctors or practitioners you have in Netherland?

I think there are 15 Chinese Doctors. As for Chinese local practitioner there are around 300 persons.

What about your personal plans, to develop TCM Clinics, to have students, to build up international net? 

My personal plans is to set up TCM clinics with the Western medical doctors and to expand the business in every province in The Netherland. We will also expand our business to Germany.

You are the boss and chairman of the important international organisations of TCM. How strong is the impact, or influence, of them in Europe?

At this moment the influence is not strong enough. However, I am very positive with the future development.

Are you in contact with other European TCM organizations, f. i. ETCMA, ICMART?

I have contact with almost all official TCM organizations in Europe. For example ICMART is an organization for the western medical doctors in acupuncture. I have a good relationship with the president of the ICMART.

What do you mean is missing for the best results of cooperation in TCM in Europe?

Cooperation with the local western (regular) health system.

Do you have some contacts with centers of TCM in Eastern and Central European Countries?


Chinese Mr. President Xi declared big interest to support development of TCM all over the world. Do you mean, there is good opportunity to support development in Europe just now?

Yes, now is the best time to promote TCM worldwide. The investment in the TCM is strong when you can launch a cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry from China.

Actually, all countries are fighting against COVID-19 pandemic. What about your experiences how to use TCM for prevention and treating in Netherland?

At this moment we only use the acupuncture treatment for the preventions. Some TCM doctors use the herbs for the prevention.

Do you have some information about possibilities in TCM projects with European Commission, European Union and national governments in Europe?

Not at this moment.

What would you like to receive from P. R. China official organizations as support - TCM doctors, teachers, herbal products?

We hope to get as much support as possible.

Do you have some contacts with WHO experts, in support of TCM development?

Yes, The director of the TCM department in WHO is an old friend of mine.

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Cheng LIU / 

Mr. Cheng LIU

President of NEN330249 - ISO/TC249 Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chairman of NFCG - The Dutch Federation Chinese Medicine Foundation
Chairman of SWERF - Stichting WAVAN Education and Research Foundation
Member of NEN ISO/TC 249

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