Professor Fuyong Jiao, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China: Many countries can cooperate and open up, especially in the Czech Republic

Professor Fuyong Jiao, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China: Many countries can cooperate and open up, especially in the Czech Republic
photo: Fuyong Jiao
flag 25 / 11 / 2020

Mr. Fuyong Jiao supports the idea to found EUROCENTER TCM in Prague, Czech Republic. After attending meetings held in Prague and Xi’an, Professor Jiao has collaborated on this project with Jan Hovorka, President of TCM in Czech, and Marketa Zelinkova, the Chairman of Board (Endowment Fund for Support of TCM and Alternatives). Since the beginning of 2020, together they have begun to initiate activities.

Professor Jiao holds invaluable connections and contacts with European medical experts. He is Chief of the Children Peoples Hospital in Xi’an, and he knows just how important it is to combine knowledge and expertise of both modern and traditional medicine.

Fuyong Jiao /

Professor Jiao, you have been the principal visionary to inspire and co-found EUROCENTER TCM, founded in Prague. What about your reasons for doing it; what led you to do it with your partners?

I did it for the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Europe and the world. It is our great aim.

Do you know the current situation of TCM and the laws surrounding it in Europe?

Unfortunately, I don't quite understand the situation and laws of TCM in Europe!And I think, for many experts and patients it is really too complicated to understand.

How could you help in countries CCE and 17+1, do you mean?

 All these countries, within 17 + 1, there are many different situations, but we will cooperate and unite with them!We will find the best solution together.

Sign Xian /

Could you send your teachers, TCM doctors and herbal medicine products there?

We can send some doctors from Xi'an to the Chinese medicine center in Prague to work together and cooperate. I am sure, we will find many new ways of cooperation.

xian /

Did you visit some of the TCM centers in Europe? Which of them are interesting and important?

In 2019, I visited the European TCM center in Prague with the Shaanxi medical delegation. Although the center was not established for a long time, it is a great set up. Cutting a medium-sized and promising one is a great cause. Through it, Europe and China can unite, especially traditional Chinese medicine, for the benefit of more people and to cure and help treat diseases !

Do you know some teachers, Chinese TCM doctors, teaching at European Universities?

I know that some Chinese medical people work in European universities, but most of them are privately owned clinics

Do you know of any overseas projects where there are Chinese TCM hospitals or university partners?

The Ministry of science and technology of China, the International Cooperation Department of the Chinese medicine bureau, have many important overseas projects. They can get more information through the state traditional Chinese medicine or the Ministry of science and technology of China.

Fuyong Jiao /

Which countries in Europe do you feel are open and willing to cooperate?

Many countries can cooperate and open up, especially in the Czech Republic, Hungary and, of course, Greece, Romania and other countries could also consider cooperation.

Is it important to explain the advantages of sharing TCM and western medicine to European medical doctors?

 It is important that European doctors share the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, because many methods of western medicine have side effects, but the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are relatively small, especially some rare diseases.

Mr. President Xi said, the development of TCM is a very important topic. Is China ready to help and support development in CEE and 17+1?

In this regard, I will do my best to support the development of the European center of Chinese medicine in Europe. It is Chinese medicine that can go to Europe and treat the patients in Europe to serve the people all over the world.

Fuyong Jiao and Jan Hovorka /

Professor Fuyong Jiao in Prague, talking with Jan Hovorka, President of Endowment Fund for Support TCM and Alternatives - the Born Day of EUROCENTER TCM


Professor Fuyong Jiao, Children’s Hospital, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, The international medical exchange and cooperation center ofhospital cooperation alliance of Shanghai cooperation organization


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