Rebecca Elexis Vomáčková: In Australia, TCM is considered an important part of medical care

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Rebecca Elexis Vomáčková: In Australia, TCM is considered an important part of medical care
photo: Elexis Vomáčková
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Sharing theoretical and practical experience is the ideal way to achieve the highest professionalism. The passage of time will increasingly force us to leave local boundaries and look for resources in other languages, countries and examples, embodied in personalities.

Today we have the unique opportunity and pleasure of introducing a new colleague in our Shared Care Centre, Prague, Czech Republic and Special Guest of TCM WORLD Magazine today. She is a graduate of Endeavour College of Natural Health (Sydney, New South Wales), one of Australia's premier colleges. She specialises in acupuncture and of course other TCM methods. She got married in Australia and her Czech husband persuaded her to return to his family home in the Czech Republic, Prague,  with their recently born son. Bc. Rebecca Elexis Vomáčková:

You studied acupuncture and other methods of TCM. Do you remember, when did you meet acupuncture for the first time?

 My father was always interested in Chinese Medicine, and he frequently cooked chinese herbs in our house if he/we were sick. I remember that I had  tui na for the first time when I was about 12 and then my first acupuncture when I was 18 years old. Since my first acupuncture session, I was hooked. I found it to be a gentle yet effective way of healing my body and still until today, I frequently receive acupuncture and take herbs. For me, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a lifestyle that  I have integrated into my life.

Rebecca /

Is there long tradition of TCM treating in Australia?

Acupuncture is still fairly new in Australia. It was introduced to Australia between 1850- 1880 with the influx of Chinese immigrants wanting to work in the gold fields but has only become popular since the 1990's. I think many people started to turn to alternative medicine in the 2000's and currently in Australia, TCM and acupuncture is considered quite highly as a medical care system.

What about your education, is your qualification official and you could work in hospitals, or it is non medical care?

 I have a Bachelor of health science in acupuncture from an accredited private college in Australia. It is official and regarded quite highly in Australia. Acupuncture has recently been introduced as adjunctive care in hospitals in specialized units such as oncology or fertility and in this way I could work with a hospital setting. Here in Czech Republic I believe it is considered non medical care and I am not able to work in a hospital setting.

Rebecca /

Why did you decided to move in Czech Republic?

My husband and`I decided to move to Czech Republic to be with his family. He has been in Australia for 10 years and was wishing to come home. We recently had a beautiful baby boy and this was the reason we decided to move now, so we could raise him amongst family. 

By your experience, what kind of diagnosis is recommended for acupuncture as the most effective treating?

In my experience, I will diagnose the underlying "root" cause while also addressing the "branch" manifestation. I believe it is important to address the underlying cause of disease to have an effective treatment, but also want the patient to feel as though their concerns are addressed and I will treat their pain manifestation. 

Rebecca /

Do you prefer any problems to treat, where are you „strong“? Are any ways of treating more popular than others in Sydney?

I enjoy treating a variety of disharmonies, from muscle-skeletal pain, digestive disharmonies to gynecology and fertility cases. I believe I am strong in treating emotional imbalances and love to see what a benefit it can bring to people. I adore cosmetic acupuncture procedures and have found them to be wonderful healing and youth promoting tools not only to others but for myself.

Rebecca /

 Are any ways of treating more popular than others in Sydney?  

In Sydney there are many schools of thought, and not one is more popular than the other, it just depends on what a patient may want. Japanese style ( Kikko Matsumoto), five elements and Classical Chinese acupuncture seem to be the most commonly practiced. 

Could you treat babies by acupuncture?

It is possible to treat babies with acupuncture and they respond quite quickly. Babies usually enjoy the process of acupuncture as it is very quick with no retention of needles.  I quite often use acupuncture as well as pediatric tui na techniques to treat my son with fast results.

Do you cooperate with medical doctors in Australia usually?

Usually I would refer the patient to a doctor if I feel it was necessary for blood tests, scans or xrays ect. I believe it is important to work together with the medical doctors to give the patient the best possible outcome.

Rebecca /

Could you combine some more technics or methods with acupuncture?

In my experience, I find yoga and acupuncture go well together, facilitating healing of the mind, body and soul. A session of yoga followed by acupuncture is known to de-stress the body, stimulated internal healing mechanisms and harmonise the whole system.  In Australia I worked alongside a yoga instructor to facilitate yin yoga and acupuncture events with great success.   

What about other TCM methods – herbs, guasha, training dao yin, taiqi...?

In my experience it is important to combine techniques when treating. I like to use cupping, gua sha and some tui na methods in my treatments and I believe you achieve greater results this way.

I also like to prescribe herbal formulas as well as recommending diet and lifestyle (yang sheng) advice to involve the patient in their own healing journey. I like to empower the patient to take control of their own health and encourage small, realistic goals.  

What kind of herbs you could use here, in Czech Republic? Which of them do you prefer, from where they are coming?

 I am able to prescribe formulas with my training and have brands I liked in Australia. But I am yet to learn about what herbs/brands are available here.

Where could you meet your clients?

I found that word of mouth is the best way to find and meet new clients. But I have also had great success with social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram. Social media opens up new channels for clients to find you and see that TCM and acupuncture can be modern and exciting and are very relevant as a medical care system in today's society.

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