Rose Aleksandra Smit: My mystic and real Great Silk Road

Rose Aleksandra Smit: My mystic and real Great Silk Road
photo: Humanhouse, Lola Saifi and Diana Khodjaeva/Rose Aleksandra Smit
flag 22 / 02 / 2021

We (as TCM WORLD) are focused on TCM experts, all over the world. But we know, TCM has many connections with culture, history, philosophy, art and science. It is very nice to meet people with very large interests and studies or qualification.

Rose Aleksandra Smit is really international, or global person. She was born in Uzbekistan, but she studied international business - chinese and japan studies. The first ones were in Europe – Ireland, Switzerland and Russia. Later she lived, studied and worked on important project in United Kingdom, Laos, Vietnam and in Serbia, now. Our questions are not only on topic TCM. She could talk over sports, treating, science, international project or religion anytime. Let us introduce: Rose Aleksandra Smit.

You have a lot of experiences in international project in Asia. What do you mean is topic for cooperation between Asian and European countries?

What was hundred and thousand years ago remains. Knowledge, culture and values. Europe and Asia where are, that border first what comes on my mind is Great Silk Road. I was born in Central Asia where East meets the West. The Great Silk Road mysticism or reality, imagination of modern globalism or a treasure inherited from ancestors that is what between Asia and Europe. This is one of the most mystical phenomena. Here it is a symbiosis of cultures.

 Rose /

What and where did you study?                                                                                                                                I studied my primary and high school in Ireland, Russia, Switzerland. My higher education I did in England. I studied Politics and International Relations with Japanese Studies, and than adjusted my knowledge and transferred to International Business with Japanese and Chinese + exchange year in Asia, second degree I did in Uzbekistan in Theology Studies with Arabic Philology, and now I am studying further education in Balkans. I am that kind of person who is always seeking for knowledge not only academic one, life, sport, science everything around us is knowledge and it’s part of the most unique gifts which God gave us.


Are there any connections between Asian and Western medicine, in your study?

Well in my studies it is a part of philosophy and values. Health is the highest value.  Of course, everything is connected. I was always interested in Western and Asian traditional and even untraditional medicine. While studying in UK I was learning Neurolinguistics and Acupressure which was very useful during my work with Handicap.

 Rose /

You spent a lot of time in other countries. Which of them was the most interesting for you?

Hmm… good question. To be honest, it is not an easy question to ask. Every country, every city has it's energy, vibes, experience and memories. My body, my heart and mind are in different places. The whole world is my oyster, I would say like that. My roots are in Uzbekistan, my heart is in Laos and my mind is on Balkans. I would say the brightest memories I hold from Laos from the kingdom of million elephants as it was known. I came as young girl from London and reached the highest level that I couldn’t even imagine beyond the limits and dreams. I earned unbelievable experience, met amazing people and learnt so much about myself that I could have learned no other way.

Rose /


Do you have some „project of your dreams, are you focused on some topic?

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Since I was small, I was following my heart calls. That’s where my journey started. Of course, I have a dream project when I will reach my top of the life mountain, I would like to share my experience with a younger generation open a martial arts school and wisdom center. Also, to explain to the world that diversity is a gift.  One of my unique mentors and blessed human being the Indonesian Professor once said to me: “Life experience tells many people that life is not alone, and many people need help. Happiness is not in solitude but in sharing with others. “I think all my life is a dream life project I am very blessed and greatful through all my failures, losses and scars. I truly believe that everything in life is a project all about management, energy, dreams. right people and sub-targets which will be done step by step following the dao 道 , the path….


Do you have your own experiences with TCM?

Yes, I had a personal experience with TCM from history of TCM up to different type of it’ s therapies. TCM, by the way it is recognised by UNESCO as heritage.

 Rose /

In which country (where you lived) we could find TCM as important part of healthcare system?

Traditional Chinese Medicine through my living experience overseas was a part of the health environment in Laos, Indonesia, England Russia and Post-Soviet countries. Actually, TCM overseas is gaining recognition with every year more and more from my point of view.

 Rose /


What do you prepare in Serbia, what kind of project?

Serbia is one of my favorite countries with such a unique history and geographical location. We have been doing developing projects:  investment, import & export, cultural and bilateral. The Balkans have always been a contrast where there was unity and disagreement.


Is Serbia the first European country for you, where you work?

No, not the first one, but I worked only in England, Majority of my work field was and is in Southeast Asian, East Asian, CIS and Gulf countries.

Rose / 

Which of European countries you would like to visit?

I almost visited the majority of the countries in European Continent. I would like to visit Hungary, one of the oldest countries in Europe, I have many friends there who I met overseas diplomats, judo players, project managers, and racers. Greece, as since I was learned small Greek mythology, the Hercules story and of course Greek Philosophy was magnetising me and can’t wait to see the pieces of that heritage of Czech Republic. I am very interested in the history of Czech Lands.



Designer and photo  by Humanhouse, Lola Saifi and Diana Khodjaeva

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