Sami Reid Cooney, TCM therapist from Canada, in Prague, Czech Republic: The best way of exchange and cooperation is praxis

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Sami Reid Cooney, TCM therapist from Canada, in Prague, Czech Republic: The best way of exchange and cooperation is praxis
photo: Reid Cooney, Canada
flag 12 / 01 / 2023

Sami Reid Coony is TCM therapist, living in Canada. She studied Pacific Rim College, Victoria, British Columbia. Actually is coming to Prague, Czech Republic, to take a part in project „Visiting Doctors“.

EUROCENTER TCM Prague has been inviting TCM doctors, therapists and practitioners from abroad – not only China, but from USA, Australia, Canada and other countries, too. This kind of exchange is called FROM MISSION TO BUSINESS, and is very good start for shared medical center anywhere. TCM doctor in mission three or six months, coming to Prague (or any other town) from any other country, shares praxis, experience, education. To meet colleagues, to change knowledge, it is the best way for cooperation. Sami Reid Cooney and her mission is the best example of relationship on professional level in healthcare and medical care.

From where do you come and are you looking forward to spend a time in Prague?

I come from West Coast Canada, Victoria to be specific on Vancouver Island. I have been in Berlin the last couple months, and this will be my first time in Prague. Very much looking forward to getting involved with such a fascinating city!

What kind of you TCM education?

I did a five year dual diploma from Pacific Rim College in both Acupuncture and Western Herbal Medicine. I passed my CTCMPAO exams and I am in the midst of transferring back to CTCMA.

Sami Reid Cooney /

Do you prefer any methods, products, support of lifestyle?

I prefer utilizing a five elements approach and work a lot with patients somatic and emotional release. As these emotions get locked in the physical body, I utilize not only needles but cupping, Tui Na, Gua Sha and Moxibustion to recalibrate the body to more harmonious balance.

In what are you the best?

 I am a trauma informed therapist that does my best to hold safe space for whatever release the patients need. I work a lot with PTSD, depression, and anxiety patients along with post concussive syndrome. 

Did you study more any TCM school abroad, except Canada, for instance in China, Taiwan, US or EU countries?

I did not study at any other formal school but did volunteer with Global Healthworks Foundation whilst I was living in Guatemala. This was part of my original inspiration to begin TCM school!

What kind of illness or diagnosis is the most frequent, what kind of client’s problems do you meet often?

Back in Canada I became known in my local community for working with trauma, so again, I do a lot of work on emotional stagnation and blockage. Helping support mental health as it manifests in digestive issues, reproductive disharmonies, sleep disorders and more. I tend to call in a lot of patients with menstrual irregularities and we work together to harmonize their cycles.

What would you suggest to your followers in the beginning of the year 2023?

We have all collectively gone through major shifts over the last few years, fear and confusion was ingrained in our experiences and as much as many folks desire to move on, “new year new me” style. I believe it’s important to hold space for what your mind and body have gone through, feel it to heal it and we truly can talk the healthiest steps forward together. 



Photo: Archive of S.R.C.

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