Sunny Wang, Director, WFCMS: It is time for acceleration of TCM development in Europe

Sunny Wang, Director, WFCMS: It is time for acceleration of TCM development in Europe
photo: Sunny Wang, Director (WFCMS)
flag 13 / 01 / 2021

During our meetings with leadership of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) we all noted, it is the right time to support development of TCM in Europe.

Experiences, education, science level and other attributes of Chinese professional medical organizations are top authorities for European public and experts. About WFCMS activities we talked with Director Mrs. Sunny Wang, MD, PhD.

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We met each other more than two years ago. What about the most important steps in promotion of TCM all over the world?


For 17 years, WFCMS develops a three-leveled academic conference platform, which is the important steps in promoting TCM around the world. WFCMS organizes continental forum and conferences of branches. Since 2004, the World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) is held annually, and the congress has be respectively convened in China, France, Canada, Singapore, Macau, Australia, the Netherland, UK, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand, Italy, Hungary and China. It is the global top event of traditional Chinese medicine. The event attracts about 1000 on-site attendees every year, drew 13.5 million visitors online in 2011 (the 8th, London), ranked No.1 in medical conferences of 2012 China Meeting Industry Rankings.

During WCCM, professors and experts of Chinese Medicine from all over the world will assemble together and share their knowledge and information about their theoretical research, clinical experience, scientific achievements, new inventions and creations. In addition, Exhibition of TCM Trade in Service will be displayed along with the congress. Multiple forms of academic investigation activities also will be organized during the congress.  

Are you focused on Europe, Chinese communities, TCM doctors and practitioners?

WFCMS’ focus is around the world. The objectives of WFCMS are to promote the exchanging and cooperation among the Chinese Medicine societies as well as the cooperation between Chinese Medicine and other kinds of medicines worldwide. Other objectives include strengthening international academic exchanges, information dissemination, achievement exchanges, product exchanges, improving the professional level of Chinese Medicine practitioners, inheriting and developing Chinese Medicine, accelerating the process of modernization, globalization and standardization of Chinese Medicine, promoting Chinese Medicine into the mainstream of medical and health care systems of various countries so as to make greater contribution to the health of mankind.

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At present, we have 276 member societies in 72 countries and regions, each of them are local institutions of Chinese medicine. WFCMS is the A-Liaison organization of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in TC249, the accredited NGO of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage as well as the non-governmental organization of World Health Organization (WHO).


Do you support education of TCM at European universities? There are some study fields in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, other countries?


WFCMS actively developed talent training, improved the talent echelon, lifted up the TCM literacy of primary-level organization, promoted the exchange of talents at home and abroad, continued to expand the global talent team of TCM, and increased the international voice of TCM. Activities such as the holding of the 4th Translation Competition of TCM etc. created the sound talent pool for the academic exchanges of TCM. 

In accordance with the global Chinese market and talent needs of TCM, we actively promoted various applied technical training, organized qualification level examinations, further standardized the global service and skill level of TCM, improved the technical service level of TCM, and help people be healthy around the world.

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Which European country you feel as open to TCM, to be in official health care system?


There are a lot of countries which have related legislation related to TCM. French Academy of Medical Sciences recognized acupuncture as a medical practice. The British enact Law on Homeopathy in 1950. This law admitted the legal status of homeopathy. In the 1990s, the British government passed Law on Osteopathy Practitioner, Law on Spinal Rotation Massage Practitioner and 15 laws and regulations supported. The Kingdom of Norway enacted Law on Alternative Medicine of The Kingdom of Norway in 2003 which confirmed legal status of Complementary and Alternative medicine. The head of the health department of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Spain, has officially announced that the region officially recognizes the legal status of Chinese medicine. The 12th WCCM in 2015 was also held at Barcelona, Spain which promoted the development of TCM in Spain and other European countries. The Portuguese Republic adopted Law on Complementary and Alternative medicine. The European Union enacted Registration Procedure of European Traditional Herbal Medicine Regulation. Hungary takes the lead in legislating and enacting rules for practicing Chinese medicine in Europe, recognizing and accepting Chinese medicine for national service.

Do you think over to support project of branch of TCM University in Europe? Are there any ideas or plans?


In the past decade, the international Chinese medicine colleges and training schools have been gradually established and Chinese medicine education of different scales has been carried out all over the world. International scholars on education began to attach great attention to the fulfillment of the goal of Chinese medicine education globalization. Chinese medicine education has been gradually transferred from the traditional mode to a popular, standardized, academic, localized mode with prosperous development.

Group members and branches of WFCMS are encouraged to carry out or participate in international medical services. We will make full use of expert resources, build an international think tank for TCM, encourage extensive cooperation among TCM medical institutions in various countries, strive to build an information exchange platform for overseas TCM medical institutions, actively promote appropriate technologies of TCM, carry out international training, improve clinical diagnosis and treatment capabilities for dominant diseases, provide convenient and accessible high-quality TCM health services for people in various countries, and continuously improve the global TCM medical service capabilities.


We think, it would be good to make unique system of promoting TCM, in Europe. Not only education, but marketing, business, communication.


Yes, we agree with your opinion.

With the arrival of aging population and the general improvement of health awareness, the health industry is recognized as one of the largest industries in the world. Under the trend of social medical security welfare promotion, disease prevention and early intervention, the proportion of Chinese medicine in medical and health expenditure is expanding gradually and the prospect for the development of international Chinese medicine industry is promising. However, its market potential has not been fully excavated. With the rapid development of economy and society, the future market of Chinese medicine industry in the future is enormous.

We will encourage group members and branches to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with governments of various countries in trade, strive for more countries to open up the market for trade in TCM services, promote the healthy and orderly development of trade in TCM services in various countries, and build a platform for the development of international industry in TCM. 

In regard to education, study, could you cooperate on project of distance study of TCM for European students? Would it be possible?


The scope of WFCMS Activities includes develop academic exchange, improve academic levels aiming at disseminating Chinese Medicine, and to accelerate Chinese Medical treatment, education, research and exchanging in the way of educational and research cooperation. If you have any project regarding the distance study of TCM, please cooperate with us!

We will make more ways to carry out international education and training in TCM, and timely carry out quality evaluation research on training institutions and training programs. It is recommended to promote appropriate technologies of TCM suitable for international communication, study innovative mechanisms, and gradually establish a basic (international) database of TCM talents. Western medicine practitioners from all countries are encouraged to learn TCM knowledge and continuously improve the overall quality and practice level of TCM institutions and practitioners around the world.


Does WFCMS attend in support to the fight against pandemic COVID-19? 

World Health Organization declared on March 11th that the viral pneumonia caused by COVID-19 was a global pandemic. WFCMS, acting in a timely manner and took the initiative, organized the global anti-epidemic support operation with TCM on March 16th.

WFCMS established Organization and formulated working plan and provided medical technical assistance against epidemic of TCM, carried out academic exchanges on anti-epidemic of TCM. WFCMS also strengthened Information communication and sharing and suggested to WHO, coordinated the donation of Anti-epidemic materials at home and abroad.



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