Vitaliy Samsonov: TCM Doctor from Ukraine has been teaching at Beijing University. It is sharing

Vitaliy Samsonov: TCM Doctor from Ukraine has been teaching at Beijing University. It is sharing
photo: Vitaliy Samsonov
flag 16 / 12 / 2020

Dr. Vitaliy Samsonov was born in Ukraine and lived in Kiev. But his „destiny city“ is Beijing. Where and why did he come from to teach and treat, (probably) mostly Chinese people? And teach and treat TCM, make research and science? Let us talk to him:

You have been spending a lot of time in in Beijing, what about the reason?

Yes, I live there most of the time. There are two reasons - first it is the capital of China, and it is easy to get access to different layers of TCM knowledge! And second - i like it there, i think both are important triggers... )) 

Bozhou /

When did you decide to be TCM Doctor?

When i was 16, i decided to go to China start my studies, and i never regretted my decision, doing it uphill now!

Chinese and European people, as patients, are they different in the point of view of TCM?

No, but there is slight difference in constitution of the body, and differences brought by totally different environment (including cultural, food, activities) and way of thinking and behaviour, so treatment will slightly differ.

Are you focused to any diagnosis, round of illnesses, special treating?

Maybe in future, until now i try to research in many directions, taking different difficult patients, trying to solve it as a puzzle.

What about the main differences between western and TCM?

Essentially they are very close, but different in the way they do it in practice, and i would say that western medicine as "organism" has "got sick" recently, not functioning the way it should, through precise medicine and real world medicine maybe it will come back to balance with its essentials.

Could you recommend to use TCM more, in Europe?

Yes, sure, absolutely, i think this is what we should to do, and we are actually doing in Ukraine, providing more opportunities and instruments to get treated by TCM.

What is the main barriers, obstacle to share western and TCM more effectively?

I think is our conciseness level, it is not broad enough to think through the format which makes it ok... And of course despite the intense development of modern science, still knowledge which could help us effectively combine is not enough, we are still struggling throwing ourself from one corner (side) to another.

Are there some results, how to use TCM against COVID-19? Useful for Western Doctors and medicine?

In TCM mainly for treatment we use herbals, and it is very effective, we made some research with Lianhua qingwen capsule in Ukraine, many westerners have found it very useful. And prevention of course - here we can use acupuncture and massage to strengthen our body, to make it more resistible  for virus, this is something what a patient or his family can do for themselves, not only doctor. Qigong and other energy practices also can help well. I think TCM doctor is more professional in this, but actually it can be used by anybody, or any doctor. This what makes TCM popular. My opinion we also should remember to do it more professional with the time spreading. 

Could European people use herbs, herbal products, coming from Chinese regions? Could have find them, some similar,  in Europe?

Sure, why not? It is mainly logistical and money issue, most European countries regulations allow to use herbal medicine, it is just efforts of the relevant sphere`s businessman are not enough. Also it is in most ways related to consumption, so it is not often on the market, because "there is no much of market". But i agree on Chinese relevant officials saying that demand is very big, it is just it is not always realized and identified as such. 

Congress in Bozhou - Vitaliy Samsonov /




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