EUROCENTER TCM Prague: Bridge over sounds of silent

EUROCENTER TCM Prague: Bridge over sounds of silent
flag 28 / 12 / 2021

In Europe we have much shorter history of TCM. But there is one. It is not something quite other than in China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. It is branch of evolution. Much younger, but viable.

Actually, there is practical „pack“ of TCM coming from China. Let us accept, there are reputable and famous universities. Knowledge, born in Chinese universities, is very reasonable to share. But we must talk about it, about possibilities, values, conditions, costs.

Paradoxically, pandemic situation has been helping very much. People moved to online channels, and education is growing up very quickly. Webinaries, seminaries, streams, congresses and other models are very effective.

In short future will TCM doctors meet their clients more and more online, too. Telemedicine, communication in virtual area, data using, cyber tools, it is future.

Till now, it was slow and difficult to exchange information, experiences and knowledge. Silence at university, working on research and new ways on treating, we could change to strong voice of communication. We could share medical knowledge and results, experiences of praxis and in theory very quickly and easy.

EUROCENTER TCM Prague is going to be the first bridge between East and West acupuncture and TCM schools. The aim is to exchange professional information by all forms of communication. Online seminaries, web magazines, FB, IG and all other tools. To promote TCM from China only between Chinese expats, living in Europe, it is useless work. Chinese people know it. To be more friendly, to contact European people more is necessary. Chinese language is very complicated for European people for study, a vice versa. Let us talk, communicate in dialogues louder.

Belt and Road need bridges, bridges are connecting banks and people. There is easier way to bring help for ill people, for prevention of covid-19, for longer and healthy life of many people. We only must prepare market – information, target groups, professional partners, educated practitioners and assistants, products. From mission to business.

EUROCENTER TCM Prague is very good point and place for center of TCM in Europe. We invite you to cooperate – to introduce, to find partners, to make your voice louder. To be seen, to be heard, to be read and known. Silence of TCM – let us hear all together.





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