Herbal Medicine Mental Illness Relief

Herbal Medicine Mental Illness Relief
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flag 29 / 11 / 2020

Chinese herbal medicine is an effective measure for the treatment of mental disorders. Independent investigations find Chinese herbal medicine effective for the reduction of symptoms associated with a type of mental illness, termed Bai He (百合) disease within the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) system.

Researchers note that Bai He disease directly correlates to the modern diagnostic term psychoneurosis. [1]

The name Bai He disease is used because of the effectiveness of the Bai He herb for the treatment of mental illness. Specific symptoms vary based on individual presentations. Common symptoms of Bai He disease include headaches, frequent mood swings, emotional volatility, anxiety, depression, insomnia, a bitter or dry sensation in the mouth, and dull pain in the abdominal area. Some patients also experience a sudden loss of appetite. [2]

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