Post-pandemic era: TCM goes global. Follow it

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20 / 06 / 2024


08 / 07 / 2024

Post-pandemic era: TCM goes global. Follow it

Post-pandemic era: TCM goes global. Follow it
photo: TCM Prague
flag 08 / 07 / 2024

The entire planet has been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. We have not yet counted the variants and more will surely appear. Science admits there are still undiscovered facts. It is no longer a guarantee of a safe truth. We can only find certainty in the past, and in the future we can only share and improve our knowledge.

TCM methods help both against the attack of the disease and with dealing with the consequences. Herbs, acupuncture and other means of promoting health are known all over the world. It recognizes China as the mother country of TCM. We find in every country and nation historical methods of healing. But it is only good when the best teachers hone the knowledge and pass it on, sharing it with students and thus producing excellent professional practitioners.

It is good to unify the teaching program, work on its clarity, presentation, easiest sharing in any country of the world. Political ideologies, economic levels and business interests are different. But we do not find many differences in the disease. A rich person suffers from the disease as much as a poor person, a prominent politician or a taxi driver. The ultimate goal is to relieve children and old people of pain.

That is why all the high authorities of the world should review their health care systems. Open them up to the world, to knowledge and to professionals. To reduce as far as possible the barriers that prevent the sharing of information, communication, knowledge. Send experienced doctors to centres where the level of knowledge is inadequate. Exchange practitioners and students. To share the technological advances and innovations that make TCM methods epochal health promotion tools.

TCM goes global. Let us take a part.


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