TCM in the Czech Republic: mission, practice and legislation / 中医在捷克:其使命、实践和法律范围 (CN below)

TCM in the Czech Republic: mission, practice and legislation / 中医在捷克:其使命、实践和法律范围 (CN below)
photo: Delegation in Prague TCM Center
flag 06 / 04 / 2021

TCM is a gift from the people of China to nations around the world. This is often said by diplomats who encounter TCM development projects in various countries around the world. Supporting this development is, as President Xi Jinping has repeatedly said, one of the important themes of the 17 + 1 project.

What is the situation in the Czech Republic?


In 2015, the project of the TCM Clinic was launched on the premises of the University Hospital Hradec Králové. In cooperation with the Chinese and Czech governments, outpatient care took place here, where Chinese doctors took turns and cooperated with Czech doctors. It was a case study of sharing Western medicine and TCM. A clinic with a hospitalization section was to be built.

Model of TCM Clinic in CZ / 

Unfortunately, there have been politically influenced changes in Czech legislation. TCM was excluded from the health care system in 2018. This was the main reason why the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic decided to end the project. The sequel had no basis in law. Thus, Czech patients lost the only possibility of controlled, professionally high-quality care for physicians using TCM methods, and for cooperation with Chinese, professional and university-educated physicians.


There is no official accredited education in the Czech Republic and the field of TCM is not taught at medical faculties. Therefore, the project of the TCM Clinic in the Hradec Králové University Hospital was extremely beneficial.


The Endowment Fund for the Support of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternatives ensures that the idea of ​​Czech-Chinese cooperation in the field of TCM does not disappear. As a non-governmental organization (founded 2015 in Prague), it concluded a Framework Agreement on International Cooperation with Shuguang Hospital Shanghai in 2018. The top management of Shuguang Hospital visited the headquarters of the endowment fund in the center of Prague several times. Cooperation on several projects developed very promisingly. As part of a long-term program called the Czech-Chinese Center TCM Prague, the endowment fund received Dr. Guan Xina, the last doctor in the TCM Clinic project at the Hradec Králové University Hospital, as an employee. His task was to manage the professional content of TCM promotion programs. The management of the fund operated the premises for the public with great effort, promoted the program of the Czech-Chinese TCM center with lectures, exercises and media outlets. Without the support of the Czech or Chinese government, this activity was very demanding.


Restrictions lasting more than a year due to the pandemic prevented further planned events for the public, lectures and exercises. The popular program Czech-Chinese Center TCM Prague is not supported by either the Czech or Chinese government. It is a program of a private organization, an endowment fund, for the general public. Therefore, all activities and operations must be paid for only from private funds.


Frequent visits by top officials from major Chinese provinces, including the management of Shuguang Hospital Shanghai and many Chinese organizations, the ambassador and other dignitaries, have yielded many plans and inspirations. The Endowment Fund for the Support of TCM and Alternatives, and its program, the Czech-Chinese Center TCM Prague, do not belong to the worldwide project of overseas centers, which are managed by Shuguang Hospital in dozens of countries around the world. But for the lay and professional public, it maintains hope with great effort and cost. In line with TCM's global concept of promotion, it seeks to promote ways to help people through TCM methods in these extremely difficult times. The fund management expects the end of the pandemic with great hope. It will be the right time to resume meetings with partners from Shuguang Hospital, TCM University, TCM Hospital Chengdu, Sichuan and many others, including those from 17 + 1 countries.


The management of the endowment fund monitors the communication of experts, Chinese and world physicians, including the WHO, on the topic of covid-19. On a global scale, it seeks to share knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine. TCM has been shown to help both treat and eliminate post-covid syndrome, but it must be available to the widest possible population. And above all, it must be prescribed by doctors who have the appropriate education and experience.


The whole world respects that the highest professionalism is presented by doctors from Chinese universities, hospitals and science centers, or cooperating with them. The hope is in international cooperation of research and practice.


According to the experience of the President of the Endowment Fund for the Support of TCM and Alternatives, what is currently the most important? We asked the president of the Endowment Fund to support TCM and alternatives Jan Hovorka:


"In every 17 + 1 country, but also in the EU, Chinese experts, TCM doctors, have been working for a long time. According to our information, however, they are too focused mainly on expatriate communities. From the point of view of social psychology, this is understandable. However, if the Chinese government wants to support the development of TCM, it must revise some procedures. Individual countries, especially in Europe, have complex legislation. Although it is sometimes incomprehensible to the locals, it is essential to respect it. More than promoting the well-being of posted workers, the government should look for allies in the local region. Support investment in the construction and operation of centers. Send workers, mainly doctors, who speak not only English but also at least partially the local language, or want and try to learn it. Europeans are accommodating, and most of them look forward to the benefits of TCM. Western science has been quite disappointing lately. Mainly in terms of prevention and subsequent treatment. This is a great opportunity for which organizations such as our endowment fund are preparing the ground. However, it is not possible for projects to run regardless of local laws, unregistered organizations or branches operate in the states, and their employees ignore local laws and regulations, ”says Jan Hovorka, President of the endowment fund.


In almost every European country, the situation is different for TCM, always difficult for TCM. The orientation towards compatriots is understandable, but unpromising from the point of view of macroeconomics. It does not support a change in the health care system, accessibility and information in the region. The Chinese government concept needs regional consultants with knowledge of the environment. Collaborators in the place who will receive economic, investment and educational support. Diplomatic pressure for recognition of medical education and registration of medical devices.


"We have the motto for our activities: From mission to business," says Jan Hovorka, president of the endowment fund. "It means that you can start in a space that does not have the usual conditions and parameters only with the knowledge of TCM, but also with a burning heart and desire. Yes, of course it is also a business. But he will come only if the mission is successful. When people accept the help of educated professionals, and they themselves work with local governments to improve conditions. But if one who, as a 'missionary' in a scientific project and international cooperation, begins to consider himself primarily an envoy of business, works only for his own benefit and forgets his main mission, no one will succeed. Local people do not get help, information, their doctors do not get an education that will allow them to treat much more successfully. It is not even a good promotion of Chinese culture and society. The damage that can occur in this way is then irreversible. "


These topics were also discussed recently by leading Chinese physicians at the Forum on the Development of High-Quality TCM Hospitals, organized by the Chinese Association for the Promotion of International Exchange in Treatment and Prevention in Fuzhou. Its chairman Dr. Wang Qi said that abroad the development of TCM center projects face three areas of challenges. The first includes problems of external - economic and production factors, as well as cultural identification and recognition, legislative and regulatory barriers. The second area is the problems of internal - language ability, skill level and the creation (enforcement - editor's note) of international standards. In the third circle, he points to the need to create a human community of health and hygiene. He emphasized the need to maintain a dialogue with local partners and to learn from each other when expanding and working abroad.

 Czech students in Beijing TCM Hospital /


Health care is common to all people. TCM has been proving for thousands of years that it can help people. However, development is not possible in countries where it does not have a strong position, without respect for local conditions. Business managers know these conditions. It is necessary that Chinese visiting doctors also acquire this knowledge. Only in this way can TCM overseas centers be built and operate efficiently and credibly. The world shares experience and information, as well as respect for domestic partners. Every mistake will greatly delay the development of TCM.




























根据中医和替代医学基金会主席的经验,目前最重要的是什么呢?我们问了中医和替代医学基金会主席火岩(Jan Hovorka)先生:


“每一个17+1国家和欧盟国家都有长期工作的中国专家、中医师们。据我们所了解,他们尤其集中于侨胞群体。从社会心理学角度来看,这是可以理解的。不过如果中国政府想要支持中医药的发展,必须修正一些手段。各个国家,尤其是欧洲国家,法律很复杂。虽然该法律对当地人有时也很难理解,是必须遵守的。比支持被派人员的富裕生活,政府应该多重视寻找当地同盟者。要用投资支持中医中心的建设和营运。要派人员,主要是要派不仅会说英语的,而且也会一点当地语言的或想学会当地语言的医生. 欧洲人很迎面,他们大部分人抱有着很大希望而期待中医的贡献。西方科学最近让他们有点失望,尤其是预防方面和后续治疗方面。这是一个大机遇。为了这种机遇我们基金会和类似的组织目前在准备条件。不过,所进行的项目不可能不管当地法律,在各个国家不可能营运未注册的机构或其分支并其工作人员不可能不理当地法律法规,”基金会主席火岩先生说。




”我们活动有一个口号:从任务到业务,” 基金会主席火岩先生说。 “意思是在没有常见条件和参数的空间中要开始的话,不仅需要中医的知识,而且也需要热心和对成功的渴望。当然生意也很重要。不过,任务成功了生意才会来。人家接收了受过教育专家的帮助就会自己对当地政府作出压力,让条件改善。但是如果科学项目和国际合作范围内的“传教士”开始以自己为生意的使者,只看自己的利益而会忘记自己的主要使命,没有人会成功的。当地人得不到帮助和咨询,他们的医生得不到允许他们更成功地治疗的教育。这并不是对中国文化和社会的好宣传。这样会产生的损失是不可恢复的。”








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