TCM ONLINE: Urumqi, Xinijang, China. Meeting of experts

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20 / 06 / 2024


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TCM ONLINE: Urumqi, Xinijang, China. Meeting of experts
photo: in Urumqi 2021
flag 13 / 06 / 2021

Shanghai Cooperative Organization Hospital Cooperative Alliance 2021 Academic Seminar of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Xinjiang Acupuncture Medical Alliance. Meeting of professional doctors focused on the development of Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupotomology.

Tens of professional experts took a part in academic seminar. We publish program and list of participants. It is important to share information, we think.

In this article you can find text of speech of Mr. Jan HOVORKA, President of EUROCENTER TCM Prague and Endowment Fund for Support of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternatives, Prague, Czech Republic.

The main idea is, to open platform for communication of experts, decision makers and promoters of TCM in Europe and help to Chinese partners to find the best ways of communication, supporting development of TCM in CEE and EU. Knowledge from experts of every province, hospital and university from China are expected and invited for modification in local conditions.

Prof. Fuyong Jiao /

Shanghai Cooperative Organization Hospital Cooperative Alliance 2021 Academic Seminar of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Xinjiang Acupuncture Medical Alliance

Meeting Schedule

Saturday, June 12th)





Opening ceremony


Zhou Yu

Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

1、 The moderator introduces the meeting topics and the agenda

2、 Announces meeting begins, plays national anthem, all standing

3、 Leaders of the First Affiliated Hospital

4、 Director Li Shiliang, Honorary Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristic Diagnosis and Treatment Specialty of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Hospital Cooperative Alliance

5、 Wen Hao, Chinese rotating President of SCO Hospital Cooperation Alliance

6、 Zhang Gangqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Health Commission of the Autonomous Region

7、 Leaders of Xinjiang Medical University

8、 Junior College Union Certification Ceremony

9、 The host made a summary speech and announced the official start of the academic forum




Lecture Expert


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Development Summary and Future Cooperation Plan of SCO Hospital Cooperation Alliance

Director Wang Meng

Secretary General and Director of telemedicine Office of SCO Hospital Cooperation Alliance


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Development of visualization needle needle knife

Professor Li Shiliang

Chairman of Acupuncture and Knife Medicine Branch of China Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of Acupuncture Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Deputy Director of Clinical Department of Acupuncture of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

The Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Gastrointestinal Diseases


Former President of Patan University Hospital, Nepal, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Patan Medical University

Professor Jay N Shah



Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Development status of TCM in Mongolia

Professor, Mongolian National Medical University, Chief Research Officer, Mongolian Pediatric Research Association, Tungalag Osgonbaatar



Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Clinical application of muscles and muscles in the treatment of encephalopathy

Professor Wu Hanqing

Chairman of International Minimally Invasive Alliance of Chinese Medicine of Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, Chairman of Inheritance Committee of Bone and Bone Acupuncture Law of World Federation of World Acupuncture Association, President of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Special Expert of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Visiting Professor of Henan University of Chinese Medicine


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Clinical application and development of dryness disease in Northwest China

Professor Zhou Mingxin

The first national famous traditional Chinese medicine, the first Xinjiang traditional Chinese medicine ethnic medical doctor, the winner of the National TCM Outstanding Contribution Award. The fourth and sixth batch of national academic inheritance tutors for national senior TCM experts, the first batch of national post-doctoral cooperation tutors for TCM inheritance, project experts from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and experts who enjoy the special government allowance under the State Council.


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Diagnosis and treatment standard and scheme of knee arthrodisease

Professor Wang Haidong

Gansu Province Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine; Key Discipline Leader of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Bi Diseases of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Director of Rheumatology and Bone Disease Center of Gansu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of Rheumatology Institute of Gansu Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vice Chairman of Pain Medicine Branch of China Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Lunch break


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Progress of TCM treatment of Kawasaki Disease

Professor Jiao Fuyong

Honorary President of Children 's Hospital of Shaanxi Provincial People' s Hospital, Head of International Exchange Center of Shanghai Cooperation Alliance, and temporary consultant of WH0. In 1992, he received the government allowance of the State Council, vice president of Shaanxi International Medical Exchange and special expert of Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou University


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Progress in COVID-19 in Europe

Chairman of European TCM Center: JAN HOVORKA, founder of Czech Foundation for Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine



Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building


Marie-Anna Vejsova, TCM Dr. Shanghai university of TCM



Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Application of Chinese Medicine in Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis

Professor of Medicine, Gershuv University, Poland

Jack. Tabakwitz Jacek Tabarkiewicz


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Cold on Three Yin, Three Yang and Six Classics

Professor Li Heping

Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Application of Acupuncture in Rheumatology

Professor Mi Yong

Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Department of the Autonomous Region


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Acupuncture knife for flexural stenosis tenosynovitis

Tian Yingjun

Changji Branch of Xinjiang Medical University

Chief Physician of the Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Department


Conference Room, 9th floor, Technology Building

Treatment of shoulder functional anatomy and treatment of peripheral shoulder disease

Director Zhang Peng

Changji Branch of Xinjiang Medical University

Deputy Director of the Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Department

End of




Dear friends and participients,

thank you very much for invitation and taking part of this important meeting. I appreciate to meet you all. My special thanks to Professor Fuyong Jiao.

My name is JAN HOVORKA. I am President of Endowment Fund for Support of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternatives, founded in Prague more, then seven years ago. Now, I am co-founder and President of international EUROCENTER TCM Prague, too.

My topic is TCM development in Czech Republic, and possibilities of cooperation in Europe.

History of TCM in motherland, China, takes 5000 years. It is unique chapter of human life and civilisation. All nations could be taught by this history and big men, Masters of Chinese medicine.

Czech and European history of TCM is really shorter. It takes only 50 years. We have been doing the first steps only. In the process of building system, education, communication and treating.

Medical healthcare system is rather comfortable for Czech patients. Western medicine is on the very high level. University education is one of the best in Europe. We have 200 modern hospitals and 50 000 medical doctors.

Only 500 of them is allowed to use acupuncture in their hospital or doctor’s room. Czech medical doctors have to spend 500 hours in special course of acupuncture. Their teachers are very educated and renamed. Many of these doctors has been studying for the rest of their life, sure.

But only a few years, in modern history, could medical doctors to study acupuncture officially at university. Only a few years we could meet optional or voluntary lessons of herbal therapy at one regional university, and only paid by students themselves.

It is the reason, why we started our activities a time ago. It is the reason, why we need more contacts, more communication on this topic. International cooperation in education and, at first, in praxis.

Actually, we could have lessons at the same time all over the world. Online lessons and seminaries are mostly usual everywhere. I think, is big opportunity to build up groups and teams, teaching for treating. There are some first steps, as you know, in Europe, Netherland, led by SWERF Foundation, by Mr. Cheng Liu. I hope, we will have possibility to take a part in this system very soon.

Education is very important and never ending. But what we need just now, for our doctors and patients, is praxis and leaders of it.

That is what we need the most – to teach praxis. We need invite the biggest number of Chinese professional experts, to show how to treat, how to use TCM and all its methods in practice. Once more: In praxis, daily treating.

Please, be so kind to understand me exactly. The situation is very difficult for us not only in education and legislative, but in policy, too. The best example for success is success. To treat our patients professionally, as we could see in Chinese hospitals.

A few years ago, we watched very nice project in our Republic. Shuguang Hospital Shanghai opened at University Hospital Hradec Kralove the first TCM Center. A few Chinese TCM doctors worked there as employees. They were accompanied by Czech medical doctors, treating the same patients by Western medicine. Many Czech people, nearly 3000 during three and half a year, were treated very successfully.

This kind of cooperation is very good. But we have to remind, it was project of two governments, paid by state.

It is really very hard to promote TCM by private money, especially as Fund, what we are. So we have to explain exactly, what it means to help.

We use to say, let us promote TCM “From mission to business”. It is the only one way, how to be successful and show all possibilities of TCM in Europe, within Czech Republic.

Chinese TCM doctors are top professionals. They have been working in long time system of healthcare. They are paid by state and insurance.

Nothing of it we could use in Czech Republic, and most of European countries, too. So we prefer cooperation, starting on nearly academy level.

The only way how to do it is to send Chinese TCM Doctors for a time – for instance one year. He promotes his hospital, university, province, country. We could invite him, to prepare conditions for him, patients, herbs by his advice and preferences.

It is not possible to suppose, Chinese doctor is paid on the same level as in China. Nowhere in Europe are economic conditions to make enough money in TCM treating as in China is usual, in public area. We have to prepare marketing, living and immigration documents for start.

If we will cooperate, please, think it over by this way. We have to start on the line from mission to business, as I said. Yes, there is business, but after a year. Then we could change our conditions, to build up new ones and try it. Now it is mission.

A few minutes ago, I talked about praxis. Czech medical doctors, more and more of them, are interesting to study TCM. We as our Fund managed for a few of them to spend a few months at Chinese clinics.

But the most what we could do together, is to have your own students in Czech Republic. To show them personally, how you treat, what is your way of care, how you, experienced TCM doctors, communicate with patients. 

Maybe it will be funny for you, what I explain you now. To study TCM is possible in private courses only in Czech Republic. Education is not official and not accredited by state. And students have not enough possibilities to learn contact with patient. They use acupuncture, I mean needel pricking, for instance to potato or a pack of paper. Sometime to his neighbour student.

What is missing? Teacher, Master, teaching young doctor to touch the patient, to find the right way how to use fingers, and other important technical positions. To start own praxis. 

I am very happy to introduce, a few minutes later, the best example of cooperation. In our Fund and TCM Center in Prague we have new colleague for a time. She is Czech girl. She studied, western medicine at Prague University. But there is not possible to study TCM. So she decided to leave to Shanghai. Actually, she attends TCM University Shanghai, as doctor, and is coming back home. The only one doctor of TCM from Chinese TCM University, Marie Anna Vejsova. She will talk to you a little bit later.

She had the best teachers, education and we hope, European young colleagues for our future.

If TCM practitioners have no these experiences, if they have no personal teacher, they have been making many mistakes. What they do sure? Bad picture of TCM.

It is the reason, why we have been starting our activities. Our Endowment Fund for Support of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternatives, and international EUROCENTER TCM Prague would like to invite TCM doctors from China, at first, and Chinese doctors, working long time in European countries.

Glory of TCM is never ending. Now it is coming a time of sharing with Western medicine. We know, Chinese TCM doctors have been cooperating with international teams. To combine Western medicine and TCM is the only way, and the best way, to help the biggest number of patients and public.

Our EUROCENTER TCM does the first steps just now. We have to explain all these conditions to our partners from China. We are not supported by Czech state, in any European country it is very similar.

We are supporters of China – its culture, history, values of TCM at first. Do not forget it, please.





As I said, we have 500 medical doctors doing acupuncture. They are organized in professional state organization, Czech Association of Acupuncture medical doctors. At about 500 more are not organized, but treating by acupuncture, too.


These acupuncturists studied private courses only. There is not official accreditation for them.

 For medical doctors is very complicated situation now. Changes of legislative in Czech Republic made it. Acupuncture and TCM is out of medical care, system of healthcare and insurance.






Actually, I said we have only a little bit more then 500 hundred medical doctors, allowed to practice acupuncture in hospitals. Nearly one thousand people use TCM as non medical care, as practitioners. They are no professionals, they have no accredited education.


It is a mistake of system, not of them. I think, it is coming time for them, too. For prevention or treating post covid syndroms, to use herbs.


But we cannot help to public, patients, practitioners and TCM doctors in Europe, without support of you, of Chinese institutions, universities and hospitals.


Chinese diplomats, taking part in our meetings, very often use to say: TCM is a present of Chinese people to the nations all over the world. We say: Thank you very much, our partners. We appreciate to receive this present. But please teach us to use it. Do not sale it to us.


To use does not mean to buy. To use and then by, I mean. From mission to business.


Thank you very much for your attention.



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