TCM shows benefit for children with coronavirus

TCM shows benefit for children with coronavirus
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flag 30 / 11 / 2020

The pediatric division of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine launched a course in Shanghai on Wednesday, offering both online and offline training.

The course invited leading TCM experts in pediatric medicine to discuss the combination of advanced medical theory with TCM. There were also sub forums on children’s respiratory and immunity diseases.

The course also discussed the results and achievements of using TCM on children infected with COVID-19.

Dr Jiang Zhiyan from Longhua Hospital said the use of TCM on children with suspected and early-stage coronavirus infection can ease symptoms, while a combination of Western medicine and TCM can benefit young patients in serious condition.

“Using TCM can improve overall immunity, improve lung function and enhance recovery for child patients who are in rehabilitation,” Jiang said.

Since autumn and winter are peak seasons for infectious disease, doctors say healthy lifestyle, proper diet and good personal hygiene are all important this time of year.


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