WFCMS: The 7th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council

WFCMS: The 7th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council
photo: Meeting 4th Council Board
flag 04 / 12 / 2021

Beijing Online: More than 200 participants took a part on The 7th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council, The 7th Meeting of the 4th Board of Supervisors. You could read speech of Ma Jianzhong, President of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and other documents. The topic has been Development of TCM 2021 - 2025 all over the world, plans of overseas centers primary. Read in EN and CN below.


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World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
The Working Report of The 7th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council, The 7th Meeting of the 4th Board of Supervisors

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Ma Jianzhong, President of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (Dec. 4th, 2021)

Council Members and Members of the Supervision Board, Hello!

The 7th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council and the 7th Meeting of the Supervisors Board of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) are held during the World Congress of Chinese Medicine! First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone.

Under the leadership of the council board, new progress has been made in all aspects of the work, with the support and efforts of all members and the dedication, and service of the secretariat staff, my report is as follows:

I. Work Review of the 6th meeting of the 4th Council Board and the Supervision Board of WFCMS

Since the 4th Council Board, we have continued to adhere to the organizational system of “one body and two wings” and make remarkable achievements. The number of membership societies has continued to increase, and the building of branches has developed rapidly. The coverage of the three-level academic exchange platform has become wider with expanding influence. The building of journals and information networks has been accelerated, and standard formulation has continued to advance. TCM training has been expanded. We have built an international test brand, strengthening cooperation and exchanges with international organizations. Taking World Chinese Medicine Day as an opportunity, we actively carried out various forms of celebrations activities. We will continue to leverage the strengths of TCM to respond to public health emergencies. WFCMS is active and proactive and has made great progress in all its work.

(i) To Leverage the Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Resisting COVID-19, with a Focus on Fighting the Epidemic

WFCMS is staying true to its original mission, continue to participate in the work, and carry out the support of TCM in the global fight against COVID-19, and stimulate international dissemination and development of TCM.

Our society shared the experience and achievements in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 with TCM through online meeting sessions. Based on the Platform of China-France Traditional Chinese Medicine Center (Seine), the “Online Sharing Session of Traditional Chinese Medicine Against COVID-19” was held. And an online session was held for “overseas TCM experience sharing on anti-epidemic” at this year’s Summer Summit Forum of the World Congress of Chinese Medicine.

Simultaneously, according to the needs of members, our society has invited Chinese experts to conduct free virtual COVID-19 diagnosis for members, providing TCM services to local people and giving support to the wellness of people around the world.

(ii) Improving System for Coordinating Work on the Basis of Strengthening Organizational Building

Over one year, we have continued to adhere to the construction of the “one body and two wings” organizational system, with one new member group and five new branches. At present, the society has 277 members from 72 countries and regions on five continents. Up to now, the society has established 204 branches, including 178 specialty committees focusing on academic development and discipline construction and 26 industrial branches focusing on industrial development and product service.

Over one year, after soliciting opinions of different aspects and voting by email, the members of the Council Board and Board of Supervisors have been supplemented twice. The participation of TCM colleagues from all over the world who actively participated in the activities of the society and are enthusiastic about the cause of the society has enriched the strength of the organization and added new blood. Thus, we have further consolidated and improved the organizational construction, communication and exchanges, and had better play on the exemplary and leading role of the members of the council board and supervision board to the work around the world.

(iii) Taking Academic Leadership as the Core and Focusing on Building the First-Class Platform of Academic Exchange

First, the influence of the World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) continues to expand. In December 2020, the 17th World Congress of Chinese Medicine was held in Beijing, China. In August 2021, the sixth Summer Summit of the World Congress on Chinese Medicine was held in Changchun, Jilin, China. The convening of these conferences has had a positive impact on the international development of TCM.

Second, the contents of regional international conferences are more abundant. We have successfully held the 2021 Guizhou TCM Revitalization and Development Summit and the second International Health Tourism Forum of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies to further expand the scope and forms of regional meetings, which effectively stimulated the development of TCM.

Third, the academic activities of the branches are more active. The quality of meetings was further improved. Branches were to hold meetings in various forms in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. More than 90 conferences have been held this year, attracting more than one million participants both online and offline, vigorously promoting TCM experience exchanges and cooperation.

Fourth, members of overseas organizations actively held academic exchange activities. Overseas members cooperated with governments to carry out international traditional medicine activities. Many members held academic seminars, academic forums, traditional Chinese medicine cultural exhibitions, and public on-site experience overseas through online and offline methods.

(iv) Promote the High-Quality Development of TCM Through the Standardization of TCM

Over one year, the society has issued seven international organization standards and 12 branch standards covering medical treatment, scientific research and products etc. This year, the international experts participating in the work of WFCMS’ standardization came from 20 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France and Vietnam, and more. These international experts have made outstanding contributions to the development, approval, and promotion of the WFCMS’ standardization.

This year, eight more institutions had been certified by the CAP system, and the international research collaboration system of TCM has developed steadily.

(v) Demand Oriented, Strengthening the Training of International Talents of TCM

In the past year, WFCMS actively cultivated talents. Through organizing activities such as the 5th Translation Competition of TCM, The 4th (Beijing) TCM health tourism theme debate competition and TCM theme debate competition of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and spreading TCM knowledge in primary schools and secondary schools in Fengtai District, International Apprenticeship Program and various training seminars, WFCMS constructed a good talent pool for academic exchanges of TCM.

Under the circumstance of the surging of COVID-19, WFCMS overcame various difficulties and launched an online international professional level examination of TCM. Since the 6th meeting of the 4th council board, 176 participated in the level test in three majors of TCM. At the same time, a team of experts was built for the electronic platform for the overseas circulation of Chinese medicine, and a communication channel overseas of Chinese medicine has been established.

(vi) With Scientific and Technological Innovation as the Driving Force, Vigorously Strengthening Building of Journals and of Information Networks

We actively undertook TCM-related research, steadily implemented cooperation agreements, and achieved win-win sharing. In order to reward brilliant teams who had an important role in promoting the international development of TCM science and technology, after review, 3 teams and their representative achievement projects won the first prize of the 2020 International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine- Achievement Award in Medical Science, 13 teams with their representative achievement projects won the second prize.

At the same time, building of journals’ brand, information construction and service of information are advancing steadily. World Chinese Medicine (Chinese Version) was listed as a key journal of the classification list of TCM science and technology journals for 12 consecutive years, with the core influencing factor of 1.0001, ranking the 4th of the same kind, Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation (A class), T2 level Excellent Journal of TCM Science and Technology. World Chinese Medicine (English Version) was listed as the key journal of China’s science and technology for 2 consecutive years. At present, various editions of the Journal were published in more than 60 countries and over 90 embassies.

(vii) Continue to Expand the Influence of TCM by Participation in International Affairs

The first is to promote cooperation projects with World Health Organization. As a member of the NGO of World Health Organization, WFCMS was invited to participate in the 148th Executive Committee, the 71st WHO European Regional Conference, the 72th WHO Western Pacific Conference, and the World Health Organization’s Online Work Conference on Tibetan Medicine Benchmarks. At the 72nd WHO Western Pacific Conference not long ago, a video statement was submitted by WFCMS, suggesting that WHO should pay more attention to the anti-epidemic effect of TCM and promote the application of TCM globally. At the same time, we promoted cooperation projects with the WHO, and organized experts to provide opinions and suggestions for the second global review of the “WHO Traditional Medicine Clinical Research Technology Draft” in the Traditional Medicine Strategy 2018-2023 to help traditional medicine develop.

The second is to actively participate in the work of ISO international standards. As the A-level liaison organization of the International Organization for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISO/TC249), WFCMS actively participated in the 11th General Assembly of the Technical Committee. The two Chinese medicinal materials standards Traditional Chinese Medicine-Chuanxiong and Traditional Chinese Medicine-Turmeric declared by WFCMS have been successfully established. 5 new standardized project, including 3 TCM terminology standards and 2 Chinese medicinal material standards were declared in 2021. 3 of these projects have been discussed by the working group and are currently being voted on.

The third is to strengthen relationship with UNESCO. As the only representative of the TCM community of UNESCO’s non-governmental organizations, we were invited to participate in the Open-ended intergovernmental working group in the framework of the global reflection on the listing mechanisms under the 2003 Convention, and submitted the 2017-2021 periodic report form to UNESCO. According to the requirements, the materials and documents related to the “Response to UNESCO ICH Living heritage experiences in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic” have been submitted, and the expected tasks have been completed.

The fourth is to obtain special consultative status with the United Nations. In October this year, we received an official letter from the the Economic and Social Council of United Nations, and Committee on Non-governmental organization granted special consultative status to WFCMS. Consultative status is the core of the formal relationship between the United Nations and social organizations, and it is also an important way for social organizations to actively participate in United Nations affairs and international affairs. Having special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council is an important symbol of international recognition of a social organization, indicating that the organization has the right and obligation to play a full role in the affairs of international social organizations. Obtaining special consultative status with the United Nations, WFCMS will further promote the future communication between WFCMS and the United Nations and other international organizations, and participate in global health governance.

(viii) Taking the World Chinese Medicine Day as an Opportunity to Promote TCM

As the World Chinese Medicine Day is approaching in 2021, Secretariat of WFCMS extended heartfelt greetings to global society members, branches, and 300,000 Chinese medicine practitioners around the world, and called on everyone to build a global community of health for all. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the new challenges brought about by the complex international environment, enhance the awareness of opportunities and risks, carry forward the spirit of sincerity and ethics of TCM, give full play to the advantages of TCM, and make contributions to human health.

In order to celebrate the World Chinese Medicine Day, member groups and branches in China, Japan, Fiji, Austria, France, Italy, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Spain, the United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland and other countries and regions, overcame difficulties to organize offline and online free consultations, online conferences, public welfare lectures, science popularization and other celebration activities.

Looking back on the year, in response to the challenge of the COVID-19, we turned crisis into opportunity, and new progress was made in all work. These achievements cannot be achieved without the correct leadership of the council board, the joint efforts of all members, the hard work of various branches, the dedication and service of the secretariat, and the vigorous efforts of all sectors of society. We want to express our heartfelt thanks and high respect once again!

Meanwhile, we must also see that our research on the opportunities and challenges of international TCM development and the needs for TCM in the international market are not enough, and the focus of our work is not prominent enough. The development of work is still not balanced enough. In the future, we must earnestly study to gradually solve these problems.

II. Grasp WFCMS’ development tendency and overall requirements

At present and for some time in the future, the development of TCM in the world will be affected by some unpredictable factors. Facing COVID-19, the international community has not flinched. People of all countries have fought bravely to resist the epidemic, helped each other and stood together through thick and cold. No country is immune to this common crisis for all mankind, and solidarity and cooperation are needed now more than ever.

As long as we strengthen our confidence, gather our strength, face up to the challenges, nurture new opportunities in the midst of the crisis and open up new prospects in a changing situation, we will be able to usher in a new future for the international development of TCM and contribute to ensuring the life, health, and well-being of people around the world.

(i) Promoting High-quality International Dissemination and Development of TCM

The midst of COVID-19 is still lingering at the moment. The world economic recovery is unstable, and climate change is a prominent challenge. The regional hotspot issues frequently occur. In the face of profound changes and pandemics unseen in a century, the effectiveness of TCM in fighting COVID-19 has drawn international attention, and its experience is valuable on the international stage.

At present, WFCMS has entered a new era and we have new aspirations in the coming five years. We should adhere to the mission of development, service, inclusiveness, cooperation and adhere to the principles of mission, inheritance and innovation, open and inclusiveness, and making a difference. In this way, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine will complement each other, developing in a coordinated way and learning from each other.

We need to give full effort to the advantages of TCM, embody its responsibility in the battle against the epidemic, and better leverage the role of TCM in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and the emergency response to public health events. Simultaneously, to meet the needs of the healthy development of mankind, countries around the world have taken concerted actions to deepen multilateral and bilateral cooperation, continue to advance the One belt and One Road Initiative, improve the health of all, and promote the introduction of TCM to the world with high quality.

(ii) To Build a Global Community of Health for All

Building a global community of health for all is a fundamental strategy for mankind to overcome COVID-19,which is a respond to major public health emergencies with a long-term perspective. As the largest international organization of TCM in the world, the WFCMS insists to support the effort of the World Health Organization, deepen the communication and cooperation with other international organizations, and to further participate in global health governance.

The international community is increasingly aware that strengthening international solidarity and multilateralism is crucial to the global fight against the epidemic under the current circumstances. Only by comprehensively strengthening international cooperation, building a global community of health for all, and building a strong synergy to defeat the epidemic, can we win the final victory in the fight against major infectious diseases.

We will further leverage the advantageous role of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of public health. We will play the role of non-governmental organizations in international affairs, provide consultation services related to traditional Chinese medicine, and assist the local governments in carrying out social work such as public health and medical health to contribute to building a global community of health for all.

III. Actively Respond to the Challenges and Do a Good Job in the Next Step

The overall requirements for the year 2022’s work are: to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese Medicine, to focus on membership services, to adhere to the practical character of seeking truth and being pragmatic, to give full play to the unique advantages and functions of Traditional Chinese Medicine against the pandemic, both in prevention and treatment, and to contribute to the building a global community of health for all with TCM.

(i) Strengthen Organization Construction and Promote Internationalization of TCM

As an international organization in the field of TCM, WFCMS aims to be among the best. We will strengthen the leadership of the council and build it into a strong leading group, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of members and branches, unite colleagues from all walks of life interested in human health, carry out higher quality international exchanges and cooperation, further expand the breadth and depth of international development of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the international development of traditional Chinese medicine.

(ii) Adhere to Academic Leadership, Build high-level International Platform

The three-level conference platform is an important step of promoting the development of TCM globally. We will carry out more high-level international academic exchanges to increase the impact of icons including the World Congress of Chinese Medicine and the summer summit of World Congress of Chinese Medicine. We will host international academic conferences, especially on hot spot of global health issues and COVID-19. We will explore new modes of meeting in this post-pandemic era with internet technology, expand the scope of communication with better effectiveness, and share “the wisdom of TCM”.

(iii) Promoting International Standardization, Improve the Impact of TCM Internationally

We will support international TCM standardization to improve the system, to promote the adoption and popularization of our standards among international organization, and to improve the construction of TCM international standardization expert database. We will participate in international standardization activities, strengthen the recommendation and declaration of standard items such as terminology, to continuously improve the influence and credibility of international standards of TCM and to promote the international development of TCM.

(iv) Cultivate Talents to Strengthen the Roots of TCM Development

WFCMS should strive to improve the level of international TCM talents with virtual training programs and explorations on new professions in TCM. We will strengthen the overseas training and promotion programs of selected TCM technology, and also provide various talent exchanging and training programs, such as the inheritance of international TCM masters and tour lectures, and build a basic resource database for TCM international talent flow and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine to support the global fight against the pandemic.

(v) Support “Belt and Road” Initiative, Enlarge the Platform of Services and Trade

We will continue to assist the “Belt and Road” initiative for the growth of TCM trade in services worldwide to expand TCM markets in more countries. We will support cross-border medical services and medical tourism by training talents in this field. We will promote the worldwide legalization of traditional Chinese medicine, promote its standardized development around the world, and further promote the development of TCM trade in services.

(vi) Promote the Informatization Construction, Increase TCM Service Level

We will promote research on the academic inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine in various countries, produce a batch of scientific research results that serve clinical and industrial development, and promote technological innovation in traditional Chinese medicine. We will value the role of intellectual property rights in international exchanges and cooperation, shape a favorable image of traditional Chinese medicine trademarks, promote the connection between the protection of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and the modern intellectual property system, and accelerate the production and transformation of high-quality results. We will continue to improve the impact factor and publication scope of academic journals to help traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation.

(vii) Multi-level Participation in Global Health Governance to Benefit Humankind

We will deepen communication and cooperation with UN, WHO, UNESCO, ISO and other international organizations, firmly maintain the lofty ideal of human health, optimize the international service capabilities of TCM, and actively participate in global health governance. We will disseminate and popularize the knowledge of TCM, tell the “TCM story”, let the world hear the real “TCM voice”, and enhance the influence of TCM. We will let TCM benefit human health more and play an active role in building a community with a shared future for mankind.

(viii) Participate in the Global Fight Against the Pandemic and Realize the Vision of Health for All

In the critical period of the prevention and control of COVID-19, we will promote TCM to participate in the battle, give full play to the unique advantage of TCM in fighting the corona virus, and continue to focus on the basic theories, clinical efficacy, and international standards of TCM to deepen cooperation. Through holding online academic seminars on traditional Chinese medicine and organizing an international team of traditional Chinese medicine experts to carry out remote TCM medical consultation and group consultation in a timely manner, we will build an exchange platform for overseas TCM medical institutions to provide high-quality and convenient TCM health services for people from all over the world.


Council members, members of the supervision board:
The world is now in the time of major development, major changes, and major adjustments. Global governance is undergoing profound changes, and the role of international organizations in global governance is even more prominent. We are facing great challenges all together during the time of the pandemic.

WFCMS will uphold the concept of a global community of health for all. We will work hand in hand with colleagues around the world to gather strength for the global fight against the pandemic, strengthen confidence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, face difficulties, forge ahead, unite and cooperate, and take our responsibilities. I believe that under the leadership of the 4th Council Board, with the joint efforts of all members, WFCMS will uphold our purpose and mission, deliver at a higher level, and make greater contributions to human health.

The above is the report for the council members and members of supervision board to review. 




World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
The Working Report of The 7
th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council,The 7th Meeting of the 4th Board of Supervisors

2021.12.04 北京 Beijing


世界中联主席 马建中 (2021年12月4日)






我会通过举办线上交流会议分享中医药防治新冠肺炎 取得的经验和成果。依托中国-法国中医药中心(塞纳)平 台,举办“中医药抗疫线上分享会”;并在今年的世界中医 药大会夏季峰会上,召开“海外中医药抗疫经验交流线上专 场”。



一年来,我们继续坚持“一体两翼”组织体系建设,会 员团体新增 1 家,分支机构新成立 5 个。目前我会已拥有世 界五大洲 72 个国家和地区,共计 277 个团体会员。截止到 现在,我会已成立 204 个分支机构,其中包括以学术发展、 学科建设为核心的 178 家专业委员会和 26 家以产业发展、 产品服务为核心的产业分会。



一是世界中医药大会影响持续扩大。2020 年 12 月,在 中国北京召开第十七届世界中医药大会。2021 年 8 月,在中 国吉林长春召开世界中医药大会第六届夏季峰会。各个会议


的召开对推动中医药国际发展产生积极影响。 二是区域国际会议内容更加丰富。成功举办 2021 贵州 中医药振兴发展高峰论坛、第二届世界中医药学会联合会国 际健康旅游论坛等,进一步拓展区域会议范围和形式,有效


升。各分支机构按照疫情防控要求,通过多种形式召开会议。 今年共召开会议 90 余场,线上线下参会总人数达到 100 多 万,有力促进中医药交流与合作。


一年来,我会共发布国际组织标准 7 项,分支机构标准 12 项,这些标准的内容涉及医疗、科研、产品等方面。今年, 参与世界中联中医药标准化工作的国际专家来自美国、英国、 德国、澳大利亚、法国、越南等共计 20 个国家和地区。这 些国际专家在世界中联标准研制、审定以及推广过程中作出 突出贡献。

今年,世界中联中医药研究伦理审查体系认证的机构增 加了 8 家,中医药国际科研协作体系稳步发展。





在全球疫情肆虐的情况下,我会克服各种困难,创新性 开展线上国际中医药专业水平考试。自四届六次理事会至今, 中医药三个专业,共计 176 人参加水平考试。同时,为中药 海外流通电子平台建立专家团队,建立了中药的海外沟通渠 道。

(六)以科技创新为动力,大力加强期刊建设与信息化 网络建设

我会积极承担中医药相关课题研究,稳步落实合作协议, 实现共赢共享。为奖励对国际中医药科技发展有重要推动作 用的优秀科技成果完成团队,经评审,3 个团队及其代表性 成果项目获得 2020 年中医药国际贡献奖-科技进步奖一等奖, 13 个团队及其代表性成果项目获得中医药国际贡献奖-科技 进步奖二等奖。

同时,期刊品牌建设、信息化建设和服务稳步推进。《世 界中医药》杂志中文刊连续十二年入选中国科技核心期刊, 最新核心影响因子 1.001,位列同类期刊第 4 名,RCCSE 中 国核心学术期刊(A 级),T2 级优秀中医药科技期刊。《世 界中医药》杂志英文刊连续两年入选中国科技核心期刊。目 前期刊多种文版发行到 60 多个国家和 90 多个大使馆。


一是推进与世界卫生组织之间的合作项目。作为世界卫 生组织正式非政府组织成员,受邀参加 148 届执委会,第 71 届欧洲区会议,第 72 届西太区会议,以及世界卫生组织藏 医药基准在线工作会议,发出世界中联声音。在前不久的第


72 届西太区会议上,向西太区会议提交视频声明,建议 WHO 更加关注中医药的抗疫成效并向全球推广应用。同时,推进 与世卫组织之间的合作项目,受邀组织专家为《2018-2023 传统医学战略》中“WHO 传统医学临床研究技术草案”的第 二次全球审查提出意见和建议,助力传统医学发展。

二是积极参与 ISO 国际标准工作。作为国际标准化组织 中医药技术委员会(ISO/TC249)A 级联络组织,积极参加技术 委员会第 11 次全体大会。由世界中联申报的 2 项中药材标 准《中医药-川芎》《中医药-姜黄》已成功立项。2021 年度 申报标准新项目提案 5 项,包括 3 项中医药术语标准和 2 项 中药材标准,其中的 3 个项目已通过工作组讨论,正在进行 立项投票。

三是加强与联合国教科文组织联系。作为联合国教科文 组织非政府机构唯一中医药界代表,受邀参加联合国教科文 组织《保护非物质文化遗产公约》名录机制全球讨论会议, 并向联合国教科文组织提交 2017-2021 年定期报告表。根据 要求,提交有关中医药非遗项目在抗疫过程中实施的资料文 件,已完成预期任务。

四是荣获联合国特别咨商地位。今年 10 月,我会收到 联合国经济和社会事务部正式来函,联合国经社理事会非政 府组织委员会授予世界中医药学会联合会“特别咨商地位”。 咨商地位是联合国与社会组织之间正式关系的核心,也是社 会组织积极参与联合国事务和国际事务的重要途径。具有联 合国经社理事会特别咨商地位,是社会组织得到国际认可的 重要标志,表明该组织有权利、有义务在国际社会组织事务 中充分发挥作用。世界中联获得联合国特别咨商地位,将有 利于进一步促进世界中联未来与联合国及其他国际组织的



2021 年“世界中医药日”来临之际,世界中联秘书处向 全球团体会员,分支机构,以及全球 30 万的中医药工作者 致以衷心问候并号召大家要以构建人类健康命运共同体为 己任。要深刻认识错综复杂的国际环境带来的新挑战,增强 机遇意识和风险意识,发扬中医药人大医精诚、厚德济生的 精神,充分发挥中医药的优势,为人类健康做出贡献。

活动期间,中国、日本、斐济、奥地利、法国、意大利、 英国、德国、匈牙利、西班牙、美国、卢森堡、瑞士等多个 国家和地区的会员团体和分支机构,克服困难,组织线下线 上义诊、线上会议、公益讲座、科普宣传等形式多样的庆祝 活动。






目前,世界中联进入了新的时代,在新的五年里,要有新 的要求。我们要坚持发展、服务、包容、合作的理念,坚持宗 旨使命、传承创新、开放包容和有所作为的原则。从而推动中 医药和西医药相互补充、协调发展、交流互鉴。

充分发挥中医药特色优势,在疫情防控阻击战中体现中 医药担当,更好发挥中医药在突发传染病防治和公共卫生事 件应急处置中的作用;同时,适应人类健康发展需要,世界 各国协同行动,深化多双边合作,继续推进共建“一带一路”, 增进人人健康,推动中医药高质量地走向世界。





做好 2022 工作的总体要求是:围绕全面推动中医药高质 量发展,以会员服务为中心,坚持求真务实、开拓创新的实 践品格,发挥中医药在抗疫防病治病中的独特优势和作用, 为共同构建人类卫生健康共同体做贡献。




“三级会议平台”是世界中联推动中医药发展的重要抓 手。要进一步开展高质量国际学术交流活动,提升世界中医 药大会和夏季峰会等会议品牌的影响力。关注全球卫生健康 热点与疾病防控形势,举办专题国际会议。利用互联网技术, 进一步创新后疫情时代会议模式,扩大传播范围,提高交流 效果,分享“中医智慧”。








深化与联合国、WHO、UNESCO、ISO 等国际组织沟通合 作,坚定维护人类健康的崇高理想,优化中医药国际服务能 力,积极参与全球卫生治理。传播普及正确的中医药知识, 讲好“中医药故事”,让世界听到真正的“中医药声音”, 提升中医药影响力。让中医药更好地惠及人类健康,为构建 人类命运共同体发挥积极作用。

(八)积极参与全球抗疫,实现人人享有健康的美好愿 景

在当前新冠肺炎疫情防控工作处于焦灼状态的关键时 期,我们将统筹推进中医药参与全球抗疫工作,发挥中医药 抗击新冠疫情的独特优势,继续在中医药基础理论、临床疗 效、国际标准等方面深化合作。通过召开中医药线上学术研 讨会、组织国际中医药专家团队适时开展远程中医医疗咨询 与会诊等多种方式搭建海外中医药医疗机构交流平台,为各 国民众提供优质、便捷的中医药健康服务。




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